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Ligament Reconstruction

Ligament is a fibrous and elastic connective tissue that connects the bones in joints. Ligaments help in movement of hands and legs by stretching themselves in their limits allowing us to perform various activities such as bending and turning without hurting ourselves. Ligaments sustain stretching to certain extent however stretching beyond may cause ligament tear.

Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) is one among the ligaments in the knee joint and is located in the back of the knee. PCL injury is not very common and only strong or powerful force such as during motor vehicle accidents or bent knee while playing football can damage the PCL. The PCL injury may occur with injuries to other structures in knee. Based on the severity, PCL injuries may be graded as grade1 to grade 3 where grade 1 is mild injury requiring rest, pain medications, and physical exercises. Grade 3 injury is a severe damage and may require surgical repair.

Your surgeon may opt for rebuilding PCL where torn ligament may be replaced by a tissue from other part of your body or from donor. Grafting procedure using minimally invasive technique offers several benefits such as less tissue damage, minimal blood loss, and quicker recovery with high success rates. Following the surgery, your surgeon may advise you rehabilitation program to regain the strength and motion of your knee.


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