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Patients can  access all info needed for making an appointment, at my rooms, via my web site, including information, videos, billing info and also request an appointment via email.

Point of care Ultra-sound  

This is part of my clinical examination for many conditions, as well as a method for performing Guided Injections of PRP, Cortisone, and Pentosan.

Co-ordination of non-surgical and surgical treatments for  injuries and arthritic complaints.

Education, Pre-habilitation, as well as Post-op Rehabilitation

Together with myself, my practice nurse, my surgical assistant, and our on-site physiotherapist, my patients are ensured of getting the right non-surgical physical therapy, ( if appropriate, for their condition) and post surgical therapy.

My interests and expertise remain broad, including Arthroplasty, Trauma and Sports Reconstruction of the Knee, Shoulder, Hip and Foot/Ankle,

This includes Arthroscopic, Reconstructive, Re-alignment Osteotomy, Arthrodesis and Robotic assisted Joint Replacement techniques.

I continue to service St Vincent’s Public Hospital with weekly outpatients and operating lists.


A Facemask is to be worn at all times, in these premises.

This is essential in protecting those who work here and our patients, and is much appreciated

Patients who are vaccinated are able to make and keep appointments.

Unvaccinated patients will be given options of phone or telehalth appointments, until they have at least their first vaccination.

In extreme cases of allergy or immume compromise, and inabiltiy to vaccinate, if an appontment is needed face to face, options will be discussedincluding optioons for COVID testing pre arrival, and PPE..

When making appointments screening questions, will be asked, evidence of temperature, illness, fever, cough, other respiratory symptoms, or contact with COVID positive or suspected COVID positive person, if yes to any of these, this will mean the appointment will be cancelled until tested and negative.

Al patients must QR code register on arrival,or fill out manual log. Tracing will be possible if we are notified of a positive case post appointment.

All patients arriving will be skin temperature tested, if above 37.7 deg C, report to doctor on site, reschedule appointment.

COVID testing of all surgical patients within 3 days of surgery will be done, to allow results to be available before the operation.

Appointments are spaced as has been routine now from the beginning of the COVID crisis, to reduce numbers in waiting room.

Extra patients arriving can wait in empty consultation rooms, or in their car and be called when doctor or physiotherapist is ready for them.

Tele-health or phone-consult when appropriate.

Staff will participate in:

Frequent washing or sanitizing of hands after touching shared equipment, or passing paperwork, pens etc to clients or patients.

Work behind shields on counter

Frequent cleaning of desk, keyboard and phone and mouse., AND ALCOHOL ANY PENS USED

Cleaning of reception counter before and after session.

Cleaning of counter, coffee table doorknobs and light switches with supplied cleaner/ alcohol after shifts.

Use of sheets is suspended, and if examination couch is used, wipe down with alcoholic wash provided.

In the case of a long medico-legal examination appointment, if sheets are still used, these must be thrown in linen skip after single appointment, and examination couch wiped down.

Patients are encouraged to not to touch door handles and light switches, we will clean these in between appointments if touching these is suspected.

This is important and paramount in protecting you.

Dr Anita Boecksteiner Orthopaedic Surgeon


  • St Vincents Public Hospital
  • St Vincents Private Hospital
  • John Fawkner Private Hospital
  • Epping Private Hospital
  • Seymour District Memorial Hospital